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6 April
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Hi, I'm Melly aka Satch and since birth Melissa. I used to run a rumours and rambles board on mbbs at UF. I was a junkie there so they made me the editor. My mentor was Lennon on vax. He's very cool! He had this great idea for a punk/country band and I'm the lead singer. I'm an east coast girl. My Dad is Irish and Polish. My Mom is Norwegian and Slavic. I am an all over the board kind of person. It doesn't take that much to make me smile in fact. My dream is to become a teacher or at the very least to become a trainer for a company. I like to dance with my friends. I always try and make the people around me laugh. I love watching football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and boxing. Also, I am a Phelps Phan. My biggest goal in life is to inspire. I love guitars. Seeing a live show of a band is the coolest experience. I love going to museums, too. Almost every night you can catch me look up at the stars. I have a very big elephant collection. I try and draw things sometimes. I hold on to things for so long. My favourite author's best advice given was "You should dress yourself up with good friends because they make you look good". That was Hunter S. Thompson. He's my idol. I'm a lot like Scout from _To Kill a Mocking Bird_ and wishing I were like Stevie Nicks. I act like Penny Lane from _Almost Famous_. I am a curley girl through and through. Je parles en francais un petit peu. Oh I love comradere and Entorage is one of my favourite shows.
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