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Music and my morning

So I just got home a bit ago. I walked over to my cds and found it was bonus day. Somebody left a 2 discs of trance music. I'm guessing it was something my Dad had in his car. I'm listening to Third Eye Blind remembering a very nice day at a seafood festival in Venice but I'm not as thrilled with the music as I had been when the cd was bought. It's kind of boring. But that fighting song is coming up and that should be good. I bought the Beatles movie _Help_ recently. I've been waiting for it to come out for years. I also bought some cards to learn my guitar chords. Someday, I will get to it. I wish I were in Gainesville and hangig out with my ex. who used to play bass. I would be playing songs by now. We were always hanging out with someone playing instruments. Too bad, I didn't have a nice guitar then. I do now! Another friend of mine had been learning bass. He knew a Cake song. I haven't heard him play yet, though.What are my friends listening to these days? I'm still listening to Veruca Salt. Those girls kicked ass on _Eight Arms to Hold You_. That's the original name for _Help_. Gotta run. Must clean while listening gto the tunes.
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