beatricekiddoux (beatricekiddoux) wrote,

The coolest thing

Years ago I would sit and write a friend to share the daily news and to see how cool I could write. Well, I didn't have my own space, so I borrowed it from my roommate. He would groan and ask me not to use his desk, but I still did because it was really the best place to sit and write. I'd sneak into his room when he wasn't there. I would listen to some music and get right to the whole writing thing. I'd find out, I wasn't as sneaky as I thought I was. Also, I'd find that my roommate, Kevin, wasn't so mad. Kevin set the chair at the desk just for me to sit at. I fit perfectly between the desk and the chair. The chair was even angled for my left-handed writing. What a good friend. That was just something cool that I like to remember.
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